Andrew empowers well-being and whole-person success: academics, relationships, wellness, career development and much more.

Doing this requires a new kind of holistic approach to education.  How we achieve this with you is what makes your experience so special!

Here are ten defining principles for our students and our institution that inspire and guide us: 


Develop sustainable habits in each of AU's 12 Dimensions of Well-being and Whole-Person Success.


Habits Typically dissolve as quickly as there are formed.
Create truly lasting, sustainable habits.

PRINCIPLE #3. Do What You Love

Discover your passions and talents and build a business around them that transforms your world.

PRINCIPLE #4. Do What Works

AU's 12 Dimensions of Well-being are built using research-evidence. An “evidence-based” education that works!

PRINCIPLE #5. Focus on Well-being

1 woman-865021_1920.jpg

Imagine, course after course focused on sustainable habits of well-being and how to give it to others.

PRINCIPLE #6. CREATE Holistic Success

Success as you define it personally.
Success of every kind, And in every area of your life.

PRINCIPLE #7. Follow Your Bliss

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Allow your passions and talents to flourish and THEN ALIGN THAT what you love to do. That's empowerment.

PRINCIPLE #8. Connect Within and With Others


Connection within and with others is key to well-being.
Become the communicator of your dreams.

PRINCIPLE #9. DELIVER Apply-It-To-Your-Life Courses

Imagine every course having personal growth and apply-it-to-your-life training along with academics!

PRINCIPLE #10. BECOME a holistic Coach/Educator

Imagine, advanced coach/educator skills to empower well-being and success with anyone and IN ANY SITUATION!