Master of Arts in Humanities (M.A.)

A Master’s degree may be awarded to a student who demonstrates at least the achievement of learning in a designated major field that is equivalent in depth to that normally acquired in a minimum of 48 semester credits or its equivalent or two years of study beyond the Bachelor’s degree. 

Program Length:  48 Credit Hours

Graduation Document:  MB.A. Diploma

Potential Entry Level Occupations:

The M.A. provides advantageous employment opportunities in many fields of endeavor. Examples include Program Director, Marketing Director, Managing Partner, Business Manager, General Manager, School Administrator, School and Career Counselor, and more. It is also a prerequisite for matriculation in Doctoral Studies.  

Program Description:

Designed to give the student a solid academic background, this program provides courses in those areas of religion, philosophy, and literature that have produced the modern world. Specialization is required in one particular area, but the program should not be thought of, and should not be planned, as an excursion into separate or disconnected fields of study, but rather as an integration of knowledge, a necessary pulling together of skills and information.

An M.A. may be awarded to a student whom the institution can document and has achieved learning in a designated major field for a period of two years and as measured by a minimum of 48 credit hours.

The program of study will be guided by an academic advisor. An academic committee, along with the Dean of Academic Affairs, will work with the student to devise a personalized program.  

Program Objectives:

The M.A. in Humanities supports the Mission of Andrew University by offering an interdisciplinary M.A. in the Humanities that enables students to

  • Gain advanced expertise in aesthetic studies, the history of ideas, and studies in literature,

  • Place the specific focus of their studies in a larger humanistic context, and to


    Prepare for academic careers at the college/university level.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to describe, apply, and analyze major concepts and goals of research that cross the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines.

  • Students will be able to demonstrate advanced knowledge of a focused, integrated area in the humanities.   

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the following specific program requirements, applicants must satisfy the General Admission Requirements for all programs. See Admissions Policies and Procedures: General Admission Requirements Pertaining to ALL Programs.

Applicants must possess a B.A. degree or equivalent. The candidate for this degree will have as a background basic studies in the thought and the literature that have produced the modern world.

Students desiring admission to graduate programs at Andrew University are not eligible for prior experiential learning credits.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no program prerequisites.  

Program Completion Requirements:

  • To receive the Master of Arts in Humanities at Andrew University, the student must complete 48 credit hours. At least 12 of these credit hours must be from 200 series courses in the student's area of specialization.

  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must complete a three credit-hour course for no credit in advanced English composition during the first year of course work if they have not already done so during the course of undergraduate studies.

  • There is a program completion time limit of five years from the date of admission.

  • All individual course requirements must be completed with a minimum grade point average of B (3.0), and with no grade below C counting toward the degree. If a student is unable for whatever reason to satisfy the prescribed requirements of an individual course or the program as a whole, then an excellence/tutoring plan may be initiated by the individual instructor or by the Office of Academic Affairs.

  • Andrew University does not require a cumulative final test or examination for the completion of this program.

  • Fill out a Program Completion Questionnaire at program conclusion.

  • Students are allowed to miss a certain limited number of hours per course. (See Academic Policies: Satisfactory Progress: Attendance.)

  • There are no internships or externships required in this program.

  • The M.A. degree also requires the writing and approval of a graduate level research thesis.