Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Program Length:  48 Credit Hours

Graduation Document:  D.Min. Diploma

Potential Entry Level Occupations:

The Ph.D. prepares students for academic careers at the college/university level. Examples include: academic advising, career services, student activities, residence life, counseling, minority/multicultural affairs, and international student affairs. Campus teaching, writing, and learning centers are growing areas of job opportunity for Ph.D.s as well. In numerous industries beyond academia, Ph.D.s engage in, and are specifically sought for, research, writing, public service, consulting, advising, teaching, and publishing.

Program Description:

The D.Min. program at Andrew University has its primary emphasis on an integration of academic research with practical ministry. A combination of in-ministry and on-campus studies is designed to foster growth in the skills and personal qualities essential to ministerial excellence.

The Andrew University requirements described above are compatible with or exceed the requirements of both the Association of Theological Seminaries in America and Canada and the leading theological seminaries in the United States.

Students work with program advisers to develop an individualized program that includes both course work and theoretical and practical research in an area of specialization. At the end of course work, students must successfully pass a qualifying comprehensive examination, which will advance them to candidacy. The program is completed with the research, writing and defense of a dissertation.

The program of study will be guided by an academic adviser. An academic committee, along with the Dean of Academic Affairs, will work with the student to devise a personalized program.  

Program Objectives:

  • Graduates will demonstrate skills for missional engagement of the church in specific cultural contexts.

  • Graduates will exhibit skills as reflective practitioners.

  • Graduates will engage in intentional and communal personal practices that develop character, nurture spiritual formation and deepen relationships.

Admission Requirements:

Pastors holding a Master of Divinity degree from a regionally accredited, government licensed or registered institution, or the equivalent, and who have been engaged in recognized ecclesiastical ministry for more than three years, are eligible to apply for admission. Candidates are expected to continue in the practice of ministry for the duration of this program. The program is open to ministers of all denominations who qualify for admission.

Students desiring admission to graduate programs at Andrew University are not eligible for prior experiential learning credits.

In addition to the following specific program requirements, applicants must satisfy the General Admission Requirements for all programs. See Admissions Policies and Procedures: General Admission Requirements Pertaining to ALL Programs.

Program Prerequisites:

There are no program prerequisites.  

Program Completion Requirements:

  • The D.Min. program requires successful completion of a minimum of 36 units of course work plus a dissertation project. Each student must take, or must have had the equivalent of, six units in the history of Western thought and six units in American intellectual traditions. A maximum of six (6) units may be transferred from other schools.
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must complete a three credit-hour course for no credit in advanced English composition during the first year of course work if they have not already done so during the course of undergraduate studies.
  • There is a program completion time limit of five years from the date of admission.
  • All individual course requirements must be completed with a minimum grade point average of B (3.0), and with no grade below C counting toward the degree. If a student is unable for whatever reason to satisfy the prescribed requirements of an individual course or the program as a whole, then an excellence/tutoring plan may be initiated by the individual instructor or by the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Andrew University does not require a cumulative final test or examination for the completion of this program.
  • Fill out a Program Completion Questionnaire at program conclusion.
  • Students are allowed to miss a certain limited number of hours per course. (See Academic Policies: Satisfactory Progress: Attendance.)
  • There are no internships or externships required in this program.
  • Dissertation Project:

Upon completion of a minimum of 21 units, a student may submit a proposal for a research project. Upon approval of the project proposal the Dean shall declare the student a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Ministry. Concurrent with candidacy notification to the student, a project committee consisting of no less than three members, one of whom shall serve as committee chair, shall be appointed by the Dean.

The candidate may then begin research and writing of the project. Upon completion of the project and approval by the committee, a date shall be set for oral defense of the project. After a successful oral defense of the project, the candidate must submit to the Office of the Registrar the original and one copy, both bound according to the specifications of the Office of the Registrar. In normal situations, the Doctor of Ministry Program requires two years to complete on a full-time basis.