AU leadership spent more than a decade defining and translating its core purpose and values into a set of 12 training objectives for each student. We call this The Cloud of Well-being: 12 Dimensions of Well-being and Whole-Person Success.

This is particularly important because we believe that by embodying and habituating these intentions and skills, you will experience ever higher levels of well-being and whole-person success.

It's also important because the core of our curriculum is built upon these 12 Dimensions.

Using The Cloud below, in which areas would you MOST like to develop sustainable skill habits?  

The Eight Habits of Well-being

After developing the 12 Dimensions of Well-being and Whole Person Success, we broke it down into the key habit areas needed to embody these dimensions sustainably.

In which areas would you most like to develop sustainable habits? 

Core Course Content

We also took the 12 Dimensions of Well-being and Whole Person Success and distributed them into 18 basic subjects in our core curriculum. This content is integrated and spread throughout our whole curriculum.

Which ones make your heart sing? 


The following curriculum map describes in which courses the curriculum for each of the 12 Dimensions of Well-being and Whole Person Success are distributed. 

Important: What you don't see here are all the other line items on our curriculum map that show the research we draw from in creating the AU curriculum; approximately 80 learning topics with many having multiple subsets for each topic! 

Who's open to earning a degree developed with this level of commitment to academics and well-being and whole-person success?